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Highlands Hiking Club

During the past 5 years many Dove Mountain hikers and hike leaders have left the area or retired from hiking. In order to continue providing these monthly hike schedules and hikes to our Dove Mountain Community we have decided to merge with another local hiking club, The Highland Hikers.  This merger will give Dove Mountain Hikers a new home with the Highland Hiking Club and will provide us with more Hike Leaders, more Hikes and one monthly Hike Schedule.

Only members of the Highlands Hiking Club (HHC) will be allowed to hike on Highland Hikers hikes.

If you want to join Highlands Hiking Club, simply fill out the Member Application Form and mail it, along with check, to our club treasurer listed on the form.

For additional information on membership you can also click on the “MEMBERSHIP” tab.

If you have questions on how to complete the Application Form, please contact Kay Wegner at kvasnica@live.com

If you are interested in finding out more about the Highlands Hiking Club and our New Hiker Orientation Program, please contact Gordon Hanson, New Hiker Coordinator, gordonphanson@gmail.com and check out our video in the “NEW HIKER ORIENTATION” tab.