Upcoming Hikes

The Highlands Hiking Club leaders have decided to SUSPEND hiking, effective immediately, until the Virus restrictions are lifted.

Almost all hike leaders have canceled their April hikes, and as we began planning May hikes- same story.  All due to concerns about following the restrictions, and catching the corona-virus.

As soon as we feel comfortable hiking again as a group, we will advise you.  Timing will greatly depend on directives we receive from our various government agencies.

Walking and hiking are still on the “allowed” list from our Government leaders.  Just not in groups, and as long as we follow social distancing.

We encourage you to continue to walk and hike on your own, with your spouse, or with a friend or two.  Just make sure you are familiar with the path/trail you use, and that you keep distance between you and others.

During this “suspension”, keep track of the miles you walk/hike (date,trail/path/location, miles)

After we re-start normal hiking operations, send an email to Dennis Eberlein (dcwe14@aol.com) with your list, and she will give you credit for your Hiking Miles.

Here are some suggested close-to-home places:

  • your neighborhood streets
  • Dove Mtn Path
  • Highlands Golf Course- Thursday mornings (Highlands Residents ONLY)
  • Tortolita Preserve
  • Tangerine Bike Path
  • Wild Burro Canyon trails

Of course, you can hike on any trail you feel comfortable doing on your own.

Highlands Hiking Club